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Thursday, April 29, 2010



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bacon Fetish Much? seems there is a Bacon fetish going around. A virtual virus of the smoked goodness. As you already know, I'm infected; always have been. But these things that people are coming up with are either pure genius or totally fucking psycho about the "candy meat". It's pretty redick. Let's take a look see...

Bacon Candyland

This looks yummy and right up my alley! Cinnamon Bacon Roll...

Pretty dumb. Unless it shoots bacon bullets that actually kill pigeon zombie rat of the sky

Bacon Lollipops! Sure why not?

Ever had that bacon beer? I'd drink that shit outta this...

Ok...the man that makes this for me for breakfast shall be my next husband...
Bacon "cone" filled with scrambled eggs and topped with a biscuit and gravy?!

Vegetarians! You can spray it on EVERYTHING!!!

Bet you these don't make you toot

Woah. Dream drink. I'm thinking, bacon vodka, splash of liquid caramel and a piece of chocolate dipped bacon as garnish with a smoked gray sea salt rim. Over the top.

What said future husband might look like in a bacon tux.

Just so you don't loose the flavor while picking the bacon from your teeth...

This is just stupid.

Only if you can eat it while wearing it around your neck!

This is supposed to be bacon jam. What a revelation!

And of course, I'm wearing one right now